Monday, July 30, 2007

AIDS - grand myth?

I remember hysteria about a possible pandemic of AIDS in the mid-1980s, AIDS plague-20 century ", etc. So where is it? In my environment, then one drug alkashi and indiscriminate sex (there is now a growing religious adherents) and where the sick or even living with friends? you too? And thank god! Thus, the existence of the HIV virus was announced as "scientifically proven" in the United States in 1980. But then in the world, a lot of research, experimental and clinical refute the theory of viral origin of AIDS. Finally, that the so called human immunodeficiency virus has never been opened, admitted his "discovered" - Luc Montagnier of France and Robert Gallo of the United States. Nevertheless, deception world continues because in the fight against AIDS involves huge money, because AIDS is a mad business. Nobody said that the AIDS cases reported. AIDS-acquired immune deficiency syndrome - was, is and will remain. But he is not getting the virus, and infected them as we know the word impossible. But it can "click". There are social causes immunodeficiency-poverty, malnutrition, drug abuse, immoral lifestyle. There are environmental. About immunodeficiency know, and 40 years ago. Knowledge that the immune deficiency is innate and acquired. And while doctors know all diseases, which are now combined under the name "AIDS". Now on version WHO AIDS called previously known diseases such as candidiasis trachea, bronchus, lung, oesophagus, kriptosporodiozy, salmonelleznye septicemia, pulmonary tuberculosis, AIDS, pneumonia, a simple herpes, cytomegalovirus infection (with the destruction of other organs except the liver, spleen and lymph nodes), cervical cancer (invasive), wasting syndrome and others. But so far there is no scientific evidence of human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS. World credibility Carey Mullis, biochemist, Nobel laureate : "If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which, collectively or individually, have demonstrated this fact with a high probability. There is no such document. " For a specific example. In Irkutsk sick girl. She gave a positive test for HIV and diagnosed HIV-positive. We started to antiretroviral therapy, but the girl died. An autopsy revealed that all its organs were struck with tuberculosis. So she simply died of sepsis caused by tubercle bacilli. Had it properly diagnosed and treated with anti-TB drugs and antiretroviral not, she could live. Vladimir Ageyev Irkutsk pathologist for 15 years, is conducting research on AIDS. Bidders deaths, the majority of which are accounted for in the Irkutsk AIDS as HIV positive, he found that all were drug addicts and had died, mostly from hepatitis and tuberculosis. Traces of HIV in this category of citizens has been found, although the virus had left its mark in the body. There is no one has seen the AIDS virus. But that does not prevent individuals not found to combat the virus. And the fight dangerous way. The fact is that antiretroviral therapy, which must cope with HIV actually causes immunodeficiency because kill all cells indiscriminately, and especially bone marrow, which is responsible for the production of immune system cells. Drugs destroy the liver, which in the human body serves many functions, in particular clears toxic substances in a number of exchanges, and the patient get all the biscuits, whatever. The drug most commonly develops toxic hepatitis drug. AIDS also can develop a drug, but it is not infectious, and of human infection is not transmitted. Another point is that, in the face of already obtained immunodeficiency drug use can be of any infectious disease, which can be transmitted. Including, hepatitis A and B. Unfortunately, not too addicts is diagnosed HIV-positive. A few years ago a doctor went to sea, returned and found something on the skin lesions. Analysis her shaken. She also was HIV positive. Well, it discussed in medicine, and asked the Institute of Immunology. And her as a doctor, they were told that 80% of skin diseases are HIV positive. She vylechilas and calmed down. The fact that the HIV virus has not been identified, spoke at a special conference in Barcelona in July 2002. In particular, Professor of Pathology, 30 years of dealing with electronic microscopy, Etienne de Harve. He explained that if HIV really existed, it would be easy for him from people abroad diagnosed with HIV. But this virus is, you naturally. And there is a virus, there is no diagnostic test, allegedly prepared from the particles of the virus. No virus, no and no particles. Proteins, which are diagnostic tests for the detection of antibodies, not parts mythical virus. Thus, they are not indications of the existence of a virus, and give false results with the available already in the body, antibodies that appear in a person as a result of any vaccination, as well as in many different already known in medicine disease. According to the Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS, focusing at the end of the last century, in 2000, our country would have been 800,000 AIDS, but the number of cases is today. Indeed, in 1993 the American Doctor Robert Uillner imposed itself in the body and blood of HIV infection is not sick. When asked why he risked life, the doctor said : "I do so to end the greatest killer lies in the history of medicine". The founder of modern microbiology and immunology Louis Pasteur in the XIX century and dreamt prisnitsya could not, the people who call themselves scientists will create a vaccine from scratch, and, while complaining that the method does not work. As mifichen virus itself, and so mifichna idea of a vaccine. Not only mifichny lot of money earmarked for this adventure. Nobel Laureate Professor K. Mullis says : "I was ubezhdnn the existence of viral origin of AIDS, but now also see that the hypothesis of HIV / AIDS is not merely a scientific drawback is the infernal mistake." Another scholar, Professor P. Dyusberg believes that contrary to the laws of AIDS infection. For example, surveyed 15,000 wives "positive" Americans did not infected with the virus, while continuing to live sex with their husbands. Alfred Hassig, Professor of Immunology, former director of the Swiss Red Cross, President of the Board of Trustees International Red Cross : "AIDS is due to effects on many different factors, including stress. The death accompanying the medical diagnosis of AIDS should be abolished. " Hungarian scientist Dr. Antal Macca : "Standing highlight the incurability of AIDS serves exclusively to business and get money to study and under different pretexts. With that money, in particular, developed and acquired, toxic drugs, which do not enhance, and destroys the immune system, leaving people to die from the side-effects ". Neville Hodgkinson, editor of the scientific journal The Times : "The leaders of the scientific and medical profession took a kind of collective insanity for decades. They ceased to behave like scientists and, instead, work advocates desperately continuing support of a failed theory ". Etienne de Harve, Professor of Pathology, Toronto : "How many wasted efforts, how many billions of dollars spent on research, thrown to the wind! All of this terrible ". In fact, science has already been plagued with hoaxes. For example, to find any cost transitional links from apes to humans. This was the case with the man-piltdaunskim hominoids skull found in England in 1912. Within 40 years, most supporters of evolution accepted its true, and photos skull moved from a textbook, the textbook. Counterfeiting was exposed only after the death of an archaeologist, this skull appeared to peace. In 1953, it was determined that wants glory mistifikator concocted in a heap of human bones and monkeypox, a missing part vylepil of plaster. Then paint products by imposing chemicals and revealed to the world as a scientific sensation.

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